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Flat Classroom Certified Teacher Module 1

A Flat Classroom is a classroom where you can find answers anywhere on the Internet.  There are no borders between schools, only classrooms filled with students learning from everyone. The teacher or student collaborating with you might or might not be in your school. Everyone is  learning from other students and other teachers along with the students in their location.

Global collaboration used to be the idea of “Flat Stanley”.  We took a picture of something and sent them around the country or city or wherever.  In the past we tried to bridge the gap with information only.  Now, we have the tools of the World Wide Web to connect us all.  We can learn together, we can discuss, we can collaborate.  In the past, politicians, authors or experts were hard to get a hold of. Written letters were sent and sometimes returned.  Now most famous people have emails to contact them.

My example of collaboration within my school district was when my high school students create screen casts about the website Glogster for a 4th grade class in our district. We then Skype-d the same students to explain the website. I also have particpated in the global collaboration of Flat Classroom Project 10-3 and 11-1 and Digiteen 11-1.  I believe I am participating at a medium level.  I have not pushed it to the higher level yet because of my comfort level, but I do feel like the next time it will be an even higher level of participation.

I am sure there are some people who have unrealistic expectations for global collaborative projects, but it is frightening to jump into something with students that you have never experienced yourself. You need to jump in. It is the only way to learn, but it doesn’t make it easy.

Along with this class, I just started the book “Third World Kids”.  It talks about how there are many kids and adults who don’t know where there home is because they have moved around so much. I did not grow up that way, but I was able to travel in college and high school to other cultures.  I do believe that if you are only familiar with your culture, it is harder to relate with people from all over.

Of the Flat Classroom Projects, all of them interest me.  I have already participated in Flat Classroom twice and Digiteen once.  I will be moving down to a lower school so “A Week in the Life”  is very interesting to me and I hope I can participate in more at my new school.  I hope to get more teachers involved or to create an after school program.

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