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Pull Technology- Google Reader and Diigo

What is Pull Technology?  Pull technology to me means having all the blogs or websites I want to visit come to me when they have updated anything. Instead of trying to bookmark and keep track of all the bloggers you like or all the websites you like, utilize “pull technology” to have it delivered to you.  There are many types of Pull Technology and I will be focusing on my two favorites: Google Reader and Diigo.

Google Reader – I started using the Google Reader when my co-worker Lisette Casey showed me how it worked.  I loved it.  I started following blogs and reading them weekly to keep up with what was new in Education and Technology Education.  You can do this with any site that has a RSS Feed on it. Since then, I have started to follow friends and relatives that have started blogging about their life, their travels, or their experiences.

Google Reader is my newspaper.  It keeps me informed about what is happening in the world. I follow 45 different blogs on their.  Some of the bloggers write daily, others write weekly.  Some of the writers I agree with, some of them I disagree with.  But all is knowledge and it is interesting to see what other people in other parts of the world and close by are doing.

Diigo – is a social bookmarking website that I also learned from Lisette Casey (you will probably see her name in my blog a lot). This is a site where you can search for what others are bookmarking or what Groups are bookmarking.  You can join a group that is interested in what you are interested in.  Below is an email I sent to all my co-workers.

  • Are you looking for websites to use in your classroom? If you ever need a website, chances are someone has already added it to Diigo.
  • What is Diigo? Diigo is a social bookmarking website which allows signed-up users to bookmark and tag web-pages.
  • Need to learn more?  Email me.

Lisette Casey has created a group for MSSD Educators.  Lisette and I use it immensely to save all the websites that are great resources to you and your students.

Diigo allows me to get weekly or daily updates from all the groups that I follow so that I stay up to speed on the newest and best sites on the web.  Sometimes I find sites from Diigo and I add them to my Google Reader so that I stay even more up-to-date.  These two technologies have revolutionized how I learn about my job. It is my daily professional development.

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