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Flat Classroom Mod2 – Communication with Teachers

As global collaboration is integrated into the curriculum how will a teacher’s planning time change?  Student-driven learning is my goal. This semester I have 20 students taking 3 different types of independent study classes.  I also teach a “Tech in the World” class while those students are in the classroom.  I feel like the prep time is harder, but now that these classes are set up and I utilize a wiki for my class information I can spend time during class (when the students are driven) to grade, plan or attend global meetings.

Why are effective online meetings important? What makes an online meeting effective? Is it the same or different than a face to face meeting? It is easier to not show up for an on-line meeting since you will not bump into anyone to say “Hey, why weren’t you there?” Therefore, having effective online meetings encourages people to come since they know it will be effective and typically packed with information. Keeping on task, keeping a good agenda, keeping on time are ways to have an effective online meeting.  I also think the meetings that energize me are the ones that I have to participate in.  Full participation is necessary.  Our first FCCT meeting I was at a soccer game.  I walked away once the meeting started in Elluminate since I could not watch the game and fully concentrate on what was  happening in the meeting.  I think all meetings are different but they are not different because one is online and another is not.

How does teachersourcing compare to crowdsourcing? Teachersourcing and crowdsourcing to me are the same thing. Although with being a teacher, you seem to always learn from the students, so in some ways it is more a “two-way street”.

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