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Flat Classroom Mod 3 Essential Questions

How do the awarenesses impact digital citizenship decisions? The example I will use is that most people remember “Individual Awareness” because if affects them.  Many people may not realize how it affects others.  “Cultural” and “Global Awareness” may be things that students don’t even realize they are ignoring.  What might be normal in one country is not normal in another country.  For instance, calling a teacher by their first name is considered extremely disrespectful in other cultures, but in some cultures it is normal.

What are some common issues in collaborative projects? Common issues in any collaborative project is the timeline.  When students are absent and fall behind, the project can get lopsided with some parts of the team ahead or behind the other part of the team.

How should teachers handle problems when they happen? Even though problems can be difficult especially when students have expectations, this is very similar to real life.  On the job, collaborative projects happen the same way.  The teacher should address problems when they happen and ask the students to trouble-shoot what the solutions may be.

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