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Flat Classroom Book – Module 7 – Celebration

During the Flat Classroom Project 10-3B in the fall of 2010, my students presented a student summit during the Global Education Conference. By doing a Flat Classroom Student Summit, the students were able to reflect on their learning. We had teachers from our school and from all over the world joining us in the Elluminate session.  My instructions are on my wiki. I asked all students to create an interesting slide that represented what their topic and experience during Flat Classroom Project was.  I also required a script that they can use. The students then had to practice with each other for 20 minutes switching the person who was talking and listening.  We also tested the Elluminate environment the day before to make sure the students understood how to use the microphone and other tools. The students were very nervous about presenting with others in the room. Afterwards the students were excited with how much they ended up knowing and how well they answered questions from our audience. I wish I would have participated with my class in other students summits so that they could compare on how well they did.

Essential Questions:

  • How should schools and classrooms implement strategies to promote Kaizen? I am a firm believer that there are always ways to improve.  The Kaizen way of improving is perfect. Schools could require teachers to add one new strategy to their teaching. Since I am a tech geek, I would suggest even using one new website to utilize every year.  Since I have read Marzano, one new teaching strategy every year.  I believe once you do the strategy once you can incorporate it more. Most teachers could do one new teaching strategy every month.  Trying out new strategies allows the teachers and the students to learn more about themselves and each other since one strategy will work on one student but not on another. 
  • What are the benefits of effective reflective practice? What are some effective ways for teachers to reflect? As a teacher, I need to review my instructions and plans after I have taught a lesson or unit. If I don’t reflect on what I can do differently after I teach it, I don’t think about it until I am teaching it again. I reflect by thinking about what issues came up and how my wiki can deliver instruction better.  As students, reflective practice is so important. How much have you heard a child say “I didn’t learn anything”? Students don’t believe that they are learning, but they are learning all the time.
  • What role should teacher reflections play in providing feedback to their class? To other teachers? To project organizers? Occasionally, I discuss with the students how I have changed the assignment and how I am open to their feedback to all assignments. I also collaborate with Lisette Casey on what works well in our classes and what doesn’t. I feel surveys and a teacher summit would be great for our Flat Classroom Projects or any collaborative project to see how the project can improve.
  • What would be the impact on students if a project ended by just ceasing work without any of the suggestions in this chapter? Especially for high school students, I have seen that they need reflection time to say what went well, what didn’t, what would I change.  My students now do this weekly which helps them in their learning process but also in their writing process.
  • How could involving students in designing their own closing event be beneficial? The student summits was the perfect way to end the projects, but I agree that students designing anything is more authentic for them than us telling them what to do.
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