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FCCT – Mod 5 – Essential Questions

 Reviewing Ewan McIntosh’s Seven Spaces of Learning, what types of spaces are underrepresented in the schools you work with? McIntosh’s Seven Spaces of Learning are Secret, Group, Publishing, Performing, Participation, Data, and Watching.  The school I work at does not have a Secret Space because most teachers do not allow the use of technology in their classes.  Secret Spaces includes but is not limited to texting, chatting and emailing.  Group Spaces such as Facebook are used by individuals such as sports teams and activity groups, but not embraced by all.  Some teachers are just moving into the Publishing Space by using YouTube and Blogs to produce student work. Performing Space is not used at all such as virtual worlds. Participation spaces such as Meetup or even Twitter are not used in classes.  I believe in order to truly embrace these technologies teachers should be using them with one another also. Data Spaces are not used. Watching Spaces have been around for a while also.  Almost all rooms have TVs for watching videos.  Our Media Center has a large stage that is used for classroom projects or school projects.  We also have an Auditorium for use for bigger productions.

 How does administration affect the choices teachers are able to give students in their classrooms? Administration is sometimes open to new ideas.  At my school, they allowed me to create many Independent Study Classes that students can choose from.  Other times, the administration wants your class to look like how they are used to seeing teachers look- Lecture Style.

 What kind of choices have you already observed happening in classrooms? In my classroom, my Independent Study Class students have full choices.  With my regular classes, I really try to give them either topic choices to choose from or tool choices to choose from with every project.  They also have the choice of what they want me to grade.  We do so many smaller projects in class, that I want them to choose what they want me to grade and what I don’t have to grade.  It gives the students the ability to fail and learn from their failure. 

 What are some creative ways you can give choices to students that you’ve not tried or seen before? I would like to give my students more choice with how to learn a website or application, but it seems like when I do some of them flounder. I feel if all students are doing more choice in their classes, this might become easier to do.

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