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FCCT – Module 8, Questions

  • What are the criteria for successfully managing a global collaborative project?
Global Collaborative projects in schools must start with student and teacher engagement. Both must have great communication skills and easy access to technology to facilitate the collaboration portion. All projects should also be authentic.
  • What are some issues that global project managers are challenged by? How can these be solved to the satisfaction of all participants?
One of the biggest challenges are finding time for synchronous collaboration. It is so hard for multiple time zones to get together and be on-line at the same time, especially with the students. All participants must agree to try to find time for the synchronous collaboration. Also, participants must realize must of the collaboration will be asynchronous.
  • Why are some projects more ‘successful’ than others? How can we support participants needs from different countries, systems and expectations?
Some projects are better organized than others. Projects also must be tested and changed when needed, being flexible is key. Support for on-line tools that everyone will have access to is key.
  • What affect does global collaboration have on the rest of the school, if any?
Global collaboration should have a positive effect on the entire school. It should enhance global awareness and allow other teachers to discuss how we are part of this world.
  • What are the characteristics of an engaged teacher and classroom in a global collaborative project?
An engaged teacher in a global collaborative project is one that responds quickly to communication regarding the project. They will take on more responsibility than needed and will be a sounding board for all other teachers on the project.
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