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Learning 2.011

September 12, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

This weekend I attending Learning 2.011 in Shanghai at Shanghai Community International School. Before the conference even started I got an email about testing sites in China called Just Ping. For this site, you just type in a website you would like to check and it tries to ping different cities for you so that you don’t wonder if they will work here.  My school is having some issues with SpellingCity.com so I am finding it useful to use.

This conference was exciting for me since my school was hosting it and one of my mentors Julie Lindsay from the Flat Classroom Projects was going to be a cohort leader. The organizers asked me to assist her with her cohort. I was very excited to have the chance. I was able to meet with Julie on Thursday morning to find out more about the cohort and help organize the wiki that we created for the cohort members to use. Our cohort was a combination of Digital Citizenship and Global Collaboration and Tech for the Non-Tech Leaders. It was a fun group of educators that had vivid discussion on where technology education is going.

When the cohorts were not meeting I was listening to Keynotes, attending other Workshops or socializing with fellow educators. There were amazing keynotes that inspired us to push harder, do more, change education. Some were students from Concordia explaining how tech has changed how they think. Workshops included some amazing film information from Erik Passoa from SCIS, Jabiz Raisdana about Design, and George Couros about Evernote and Drop Box. I met many amazing educators and picked up little tidbits in each session I was in. I thank my school for hosting this amazing event and hope I stay in touch with all these inspiring educators.

  1. jaden20
    September 12, 2011 at 10:39 pm

    Hey Toni – thanks for the blog. I was going to attend your session on Digital Citizenship; but as happens ended up somewhere else. Figure I can have a digital citizenship discussion with you over drinks anytime; but will miss having the other #learners there.

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