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Playing for Change

September 23, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments
One of my awesome teachers at SCIS Ashley Holst sent this out today.
“I just wanted to share some cool videos that I really enjoy and that I have shared with my students because of our UNDOP. The videos were created by a group calledPlaying For Change. They recorded different artists from around the world and mixed all the tracks together to recreate songs that promote peace such as; One Love, Stand By Me, Imagine, and some others. The cool thing about the videos is that they show the artists singing in their countries and on the bottom of the screen it says where they are from. This is great because the students can see a bit of that culture while they watch the videos. Students may initially want to giggle when they see the videos because they hear different accents and see different styles of dress but it is a great way to bring up a discussion on respecting cultures and celebrating diversity, which is what makes the songs so unique. It is also a great time to discuss how music can spread peace and how powerful global collaboration is.

The organization Playing for Change is a global music foundation that raises money to build music schools around the world in areas of need. It is a cool organization and the videos send a powerful message when introduced by a teacher. If you want to find out more about the organization visit the website: http://playingforchange.com/ ”

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