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Edmodo Information from Cathy Wolinsky

September 28, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Hi All – Cathy allowed me to share her notes about Edmodo on my blog.  Hope this helps anyone wanting to use this.  It is as easy as 1-2-3 to set up.


There are many good resources on using Edmodo, including the guide on our shared doc: http://help.edmodo.com/userguide/.

And these “signup instructions” for students:
One note, user names have to be unique, no two users in Edmodo can be the same. We use a school login for our kids that is unique to each child.
In Edmodo we need to use a naming standard: FirstnameLastinitial_Schoolname/code followed by the Schoolname/Code. For instance, mine would be CathyW_YES YES for Cathy Wolinsky at Yarmouth Elementary School. This is what Tina was describing during our online meeting tonight. In order to do this I would enter CathyW_YES as my first name and YES as my last name. Then we will be able to organize kids by school to place them into teams in Edmodo,
If you have already put kids in and need to change their names, you can login as them (I always know my kids login names and passwords and let them know that I do) or you can have each one log in and make the change on their own in their Settings.
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