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First Semester at International School is Over

December 16, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

As I reflect back at the journey I have had teaching at an International School, I want to remember the good with the bad.

The good is the amazing teachers that are adventurous and travelers who come with so many different experiences to one place. There are many that are new to International teaching and many who have been teaching International most of their careers. Many of these teachers have been open to technology integration in a way I have not experienced before. The teachers were thirsty for knowledge. I think about the fact that we require our students to be constantly learning, but we sometimes get stagnant. We should be always looking for ways to grow and learn. We should want our students to strive for life long learning, as should we.

Finding colleagues, really colleagues that you can discuss ideas about education, lesson plans, tools to use, is a real asset in any setting. Many of the teachers I work with here are interested in the same technologies and “best practices”. It is exciting to know that you can move across the globe and still find teachers that want students to learn.

The bad is always learning all the systems. The systems are no better or no worse than the previous systems, but you still have that phase of figuring out how to do all the little things. Learning which teachers need what from you also takes time. Not knowing where the students are with their technology skills. Not knowing what the teachers are using for technology. Not knowing what the district uses for their standard technology. Most of the negatives go away over time and they do keep you on your toes.

The one bad about my current job in Shanghai is that I have a lot of Web 2.0 tools that I used in the United States, but some of them do not work here since China controls all Internet access. The main thing I miss for my job is access to Diigo. I have so many bookmarks on there that I can’t easily get to.

I am continually trying to push myself to learn more, to reach out of my comfort zone. It is not a great place to be but it s a great experience to have.. . . I push myself by reading many blogs. I will add some favorites to my blog roll for your reference.

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