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PDF Problems on your MAC

January 31, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Firefox has never natively supported PDF viewing. You’ll need to install a plug-in for that feature to work.

  • The Mozilla Firefox Web browser does not come with native PDF viewing support, but Adobe has created a plug-in for this purpose. The Adobe Reader plug-in opens PDFs within the Firefox browser window once it is installed, providing viewing functions such as zooming in and out on the PDF, saving the file or printing it. This plug-in is available through Adobe and added to Firefox with a short installation procedure.
  • Read more here…http://www.ehow.com/how_2197535_open-pdf-files-firefox.html

Maybe try this to solve the Safari problem…

  • I have a new computer with snow leopard installed. When Safari started up, it was ignoring the acrobat plugin that was installed (9.0.2) and it was opening the pdfs in preview. It wasn’t showing up in the list of plugins when you select “Installed Plugins” from the help menu in Safari.
  • The solution is to change Safari to run in 32-bit mode. To do this find and select the application in Finder and press CMD-i to view info. There you should click the checkbox that says “run in 32-bit mode”. Restart Safari.
  • Assuming you have the Acrobat reader properly installed, Safari should now view all pdfs with the Adobe plugin and not Preview.
Thanks to Steve Clark who sent me this information.
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