Why is a PLN important?

February 21, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Why is a PLN important? First of all, what is a PLN?  PLN stands for personal learning network. It means who do you learn from and share with. In the past, this would be the people you work with, the people you used to work with, the people you have met at conferences.  In the digital age, this might mean anyone who has a blog or twitter account.

My PLN is organized on Netvibes. I find this to be a good place to be able to review and organize all of my personal and professional blogs.

Some of these are people I have heard speak at conferences, some are people I have met, others are people colleagues have recommended. I started by following Cool Cat Teacher, Vicki Davis, who is one of the founders of Flat Classroom Projects. I also looked at who Vicki follows. Vicki posts many times throughout the days. Other people I follow post weekly updates. The teachers I met through the Flat Classroom Certified Teacher program all have blogs and above is a picture of my tab o f all those teachers. In Netvibes you can have a tab for each category of people.  My main tab has a twitter feed, some google alerts, and general blogs, like OpenCulture and a Kindle blog. My fourth tab has family, friends and food in it.

Within a PLN all must  engage in the conversation. When I read a post, I need to comment on it. I have gotten very good at just keeping up to speed on what educators are doing.  But for me to have a true PLN, I also need to engage more.

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