The Three R’s

Receive, Read, Respond!

In the fast past world of technology, you need to make sure you are on top of things. The Three R’s can help you with your email, blog posts, and blog comments.

  1. Receive -The first step is to make sure you are receiving the information. That means set a time aside to check your email. Make sure you have time to read and respond. If you have a blog, make sure you set time aside to read the comments on the blog and respond to them. If you follow blogs, make sure you have time to read them.
  2. Read- After you receive the communication, make sure that you read it all. A fellow teacher, Lisette Casey, taught me a great tip. If you are reading a blog in your reader and you know you want to spend more time on it, open that blog in a new tab and get through 5 more first reads. Then you can go back to the blogs in the new tab to read, take notes, or comment on. Make sure you are really reading the communication. If you don’t have time to read it, mark it as unread or flag it so you remember to come back to it.
  3. Respond- This is really important. If the communication that you received needs feedback, communicate that feedback as soon as you can. Many times we wait until we can really answer the email but it might be too late. If you have to, give the person a quick reply with a more in depth reply coming later. If you need a reminder to do the more in depth reply, make sure you flag the communication or make a note of it.

The Three R’s are so important to keeping up with your communications. These are also excellent things to teach your students.

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