Global Collaboration for Pre-K

I am so excited!

I found someone who wanted to do some Pre-K collaboration from North Carolina. I can’t even remember how we met (I think it was the Global Education Conference).

Then I asked my Pre-K teachers at SCIS who was interested. Anna Perez said she would be interested if she could do transportation. I connected the two teachers and never heard from them until last week when Anna needed help with a Keynote presentation for the other classroom. I thought, “wow, I lit the candle, and now it is a torch.”

In summary, they created a slideshow for the other class on what they think of transportation. The classrooms skyped on a Friday morning here, Thursday night in North Carolina to ask each other questions about the presentation. The students also learned a transportation song to sing for the other class. The Skype call was going well, but they got disconnected and could not get the video part of Skype back working. The teachers decided to video the students singing their songs and send to each other.

Please read about Anna’s experience on her blog. This makes me believe that global collaboration is accessible to anyone.

  1. March 10, 2012 at 10:25 am

    Thanks for sharing this story! It was neat to read about the two classes connecting and sharing their learning through the use of technology. Keep the connections coming! 🙂

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