Why Global Collaboration?

A week ago a colleague asked me this exact question, although I think it was phrased like this “I just don’t get why you do global collaboration?” I like this colleague a lot and this person uses technology in the classroom. This person I would consider tech-savy. This person didn’t “get it”. I was a little shocked.

I think I might have physically stepped back because I wanted to think before I answered. I started with a global collaboration project allows students to share what they know with a much larger audience. I asked the teacher if the students will work harder for one teacher or a large group of peers. The teacher had not thought about that before and thought that the students would much rather work for a large group of peers.

I then asked if the teacher was familiar with the 21st Century Skills. The teacher was not, I also mentioned the ISTE Nets Standards for Students. I also mentioned our ESLRs at our school are very similar to both of these things. We need to teach working within a team. We need to teach critical thinking. We need to teach global awareness.

For teachers, the benefits of a global collaboration project can be the following:

  1. Meeting teachers who are doing similar and different lessons from you.
  2. Meeting teachers who love to share what they are doing in the classroom.
  3. Meeting teachers who want their students to learn through authentic projects.
  4. Allowing students do be truly excited about working on school work.

For students, the benefits of a global collaboration project can be the following:

  1. Working with technology more.
  2. Sharing their ideas with a larger audience.
  3. Meeting new students from around the globe and realizing the similarities and differences.
  4. Learning from teachers that are not in your school.


If you have not participated in global collaboration, there are so many amazing projects out there, or just make one yourself.

  1. Rob
    March 20, 2012 at 6:31 pm

    Yeah, I think being tech savvy doesn’t necessarily lead to valuing global education. In fact, I think it works the other way, too…. you could value global ed but not be tech savvy. I think one of the main reasons I value it is that the future (and present) involves working with and utilising people we have never met to help us achieve our goals… it’s happening already.

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