Handshake of the First Graders

One of my co-workers Jen Marshall has taken the challenge and joined a pilot run of the K-2 Flat Classroom Project called “Building Bridges”. She is photographer by hobby and takes some great photos of her students and wanted to do a slide show of their learning. We thought PowerPoint would be perfect. Little did I know. . . .

Jen spent time creating a slide show. I love the way she used the same map and added starts for each of the countries in her classroom. I helped with getting each student to record their voice on one of the slides. This was time-consuming but fun. The students were so adorable. Jen had to add a few more pictures and we could be done. The day came that we wanted to put the finished video on the web. This should be easy right.  Well, it is not. We first rehearsed the presentation and recorded all the timings. We then tried to export the presentation as a movie. It looked great, but it did not re-play any of the voices. We then tried to use SlideShare and view it. Again, it looked great, but we could still not hear.

So I remembered my old favorite – – – Screen Casting. I have used Screen-Cast-O-Matic and Screenr. The Apple MacBook from work came with ScreenFlow so I used that to create a recording of my screen while the PowerPoint was playing. This created a mp4 file which I then uploaded to youtube to share with Jen and the other teachers involved.

I hope you enjoy the show.

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