A Week In The Life Project- Half Way

A Week in the Life Project is to the half way point.

We added classroom handshakes to this round to try to get teachers on Edmodo as soon as the project started. As teachers we commented on each others’ handshakes. This was great modeling on how to do a handshake and how to comment on a handshake. The students were ready to do individual handshakes. Besides their individual handshakes, we asked that all students only reply to posts and don’t start new posts. Edmodo seems to be more manageable this time with only teachers starting posts.

Teachers were also ready to start the first assignment. We asked that all teachers start the student collaboration in www.popplet.com. It looked like this. . .

Each teacher is in charge of 2-3 teams, which means they created 2 or 3 popplets on each of their topics. A popplet is similar to a mind-map but you can do many different mind-maps in one popplet. The teacher can ask many questions and students need to attach their answer to the question. The students use the teacher username and password to log in and comment on the questions and other student comments. This allows them to “discuss” on popplet what they think of their topic. Video and photos can also be added.

Many teachers are new to Popplet and were hesitant at first, but now teachers are also sharing how they used in teaching other topics. Many opportunities for learning are   appearing throughout the program.  Next steps will be Media Collection.

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