Popplet Instructions

It was a long conversation with the lead teachers but I really want to try to have the 3-5th graders in the Week in the Life project use Popplet. Here were some of my instructions:

If you want to get ahead you can even make your own popplet. If you want to get really ahead, you can watch the video our third graders made.  We had fun creating these!

– Create/Change Account:
– If you have not created a popplet account yet, please go to www.popplet.com and watch the screencast <http://screenr.com/TGU8> on how to. Please note, we would like all teachers first names to have your teacher name with your school code. Last name can be School
Code.  Mine would be Mrs.BartonSCIS SCIS. Password should be “students”
– If you already have an account, you must go in and change your password to “students”. View the tutorial <http://screenr.com/TGU8>if you need help.
– Create the first Popplet. View this tutorial <http://screenr.com/74U8>to see what it should have.
– If you want to see how the students will use it, check out this video<http://www.screenr.com/WnU8>created by some of our third graders.

First of all, my teachers love Popplet. Secondly, I think screenr.com is great!!  I would recommend both.

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