Social Learning Summit – April 21, 2012

Even though I am in Shanghai, China ( a 12 hour difference with the East Coast) I was able to join the great Social Learning Summit for a few hours. Saturday night it started around 8:50. I had been in one of the rooms early since I was co-presenting with Rob Sbaglia from the Writers Club (more on that later). When I jumped back to the main room where they were going to start. Over 100 educators waiting for the beginning of what was sure to be a day of amazing learning.

I was planning on trying to present at the summit, when time got by me and I thought I missed my opportunity. But the opportunity cam back, I was chatting with Rob Sbaglia about the conference and he was presenting about his site the WRiters Club.  I have been adding students to Rob’s site for the last few months along with organizing some quad blogging projects using his site. Rob asked if I would add to his presentation about my participation in the website. Of course, I agreed and created some slides and I was back in presenting.

I also volunteered for Moderating at helped Abbe Waldron on her great presentation about Skype Author Visits.

If you missed the sessions and want to review any, you can click here to find them all.  Happy Learning.

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