Social Media in Schools

There is a large debate about whether Social Media should be allowed in schools and whether teachers need to be the one instructing on this new media. Honor Moorman wrote a great article entitled “Prepare Students for a Global World with Social Media” which explains why Social Media should be in schools. New York Department of Education has created guidelines about how to use Social Media in schools. The world is changing and we must embrace how it is changing.

For many television is a bad word. But there is nothing wrong with television inherently it is how parents, teachers, and students use television that could be good or bad.  The same goes for Social Media. Social Media is an incredible concept. It connects people around the world or around a city. It connects people by common hobbies on Pinterest with pinning photos of crafts. It connects people from university and high school through Facebook. We use Edmodo with elementary age students to connect with classrooms around the globe. We also use a WordPress plugin on the Writers Club to connect students who have a passion for writing. We use Nings in the Flat Classroom middle and high school programs to connect students studying information about technology.

On a professional level, I use Social Media sites to keep up to date. The Flat Classroom teachers have a ning at I have also joined and, both of which connect me with educators trying to make a difference in Education.

Can social media be harmful?  Yes, but so can too many cherries eaten at once.  Schools and teachers need to teach students how Social Media can be used effectively.

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