Digital Footprint

Assignments for week one of Digifoot 2012 is to think about what digital footprint means to you.

So instead of doing a Google Search. I decided to try “Specify” (which searches in a more visual way) and Twurdy (which searches for simple articles and information- for young searchers). Specify really didn’t help me. Twurdy was pretty simple. I like the wikipedia definition of ” is a trail left by an entity’s interactions in a digital environment; including their usage of TVmobile phoneinternet and world wide webmobile web and other devices and sensors.”  (taken from  When I think of my digital footprint I think more professional because I try to brand myself so that when people search for me they see what I have done in the classroom.  Here is a popplet I created to show how I see it.

I also used tagxedo to create a word cloud of it.

When I think of a digital footprint, I think about what can people find out about me. Data mining is huge and it starts with if people search for you what will they find. But there are also other websites like Spokeo and search for anyone. It doesn’t always give a lot of information but you would be surprised by what they know.

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