Information R/evolution

I always feel like I can improve. I have been teaching about the Information R-evolution for 3 years now and I need to make sure the teachers and students in my building understand what is happening on the Web. To me the Web is an amazing place for so much opportunity for learning. I know there needs to be a good fit between teachers and the tools and a good fit between students and the tools.  I am started using Livebinders at my last school to organize that for teachers and students.  I have started a binder about this course at It is open for others to use or copy for their own editing.

I believe that detailed information no longer needs to be memorized. Individuals need to know how to access good information and organize for their own use. This is a hard paradigm for many to embrace. They feel that teachers will become useless if this is the case. But good digital citizenship is a big one that we must all learn. We need to know how to collaborate and communicate, to research and organize, to find the context in it.

Teachers and students need to learn many Web 2.0 Tools to make their learning easier. The first one that I recommend for Teachers is an RSS feed. I use netvibes. I organize all the information I want to pull off the web. I also use LiveBinders as mentioned before to find and organize educational resources. In the last year, I could not use Diigo because it was blocked in China, but that is a great bookmarking site.  With those three tools, I can evaluate and organize information. These skills need to be integrated into the classroom curriculum. I have taught technology and the ISTE NETS for Students as a Technology Teacher with my own classroom and I have been a technology coordinator where I collaborated with the teachers to accomplish the same tasks. The advantage of having the classroom teacher involved is huge. The classroom teacher can emphasize the skills that I teach. The classroom teacher has assignments that are authentic in learning about the Web. The classroom teacher must understand how to use it so that we are not teaching opposite topics.

  1. July 18, 2012 at 12:38 am

    Love the idea of livebinders. Thanks for allowing us to see your in action.

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