Social Bookmarking

How can the use of a social bookmarking site as an organizational strategy, benefit both you and your students? How can you use this tool to enhance the curriculum?

Diigo – is a social bookmarking website that I also learned from Lisette Casey a few years back. This is a site where you can search for what others are bookmarking or what Groups are bookmarking.  You can join a group that is interested in what you are interested in.  Below is an email I sent to all my co-workers.

  • Are you looking for websites to use in your classroom? If you ever need a website, chances are someone has already added it to Diigo.
  • What is Diigo? Diigo is a social bookmarking website which allows signed-up users to bookmark and tag web-pages.
  • Need to learn more?  Email me.

Diigo allows me to get weekly or daily updates from all the groups that I follow so that I stay up to speed on the newest and best sites on the web.  The groups I belong to include: Educators, Discovery Educator Network, Flat Classroom Educator Group, teacher-librarian. These groups really got me started on what I wanted to be tagging.

Sometimes I find new blogs from Diigo and I add them to my Google Reader so that I stay even more up-to-date.  This technologies has revolutionized how I learn about my job. It is my daily professional development. I also tag all of the sites that I use so that I don’t lose them. I use the tagging system so that one a question arises over where is a good website, I can look through all my saved bookmarks and make a suggestion.

I would love to help teachers discover this great tool for themselves and work to build a curriculum based tagging system for the school.

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