Wikipedia- Source or No?

Wikipedia is as controversial as any website out there. Which is interesting because it does have editors how will check on the sources and make sure that they are real. If I created a website for information on the MacBook Pro, students might not realize that I made it. I have never worked for Apple. I am not a certified Apple technician or anything. But it could look official. I believe that any information that you read on the Internet should be analyzed for whether the source can be trusted. Any website should be evaluated. Wikipedia is no exception, but it is an amazing place to start since most of the pages link to external sources for double checking the facts. Teach our students how to evaluate all sites, not just use the sites that you have evaluated for them. For me this is a hard to make all teachers in any building agree to.

  1. August 10, 2012 at 9:04 pm

    Wikipedia- Source or No? – My response is: use it – maybe.
    Kidding aside, I agree with you that is a good jumping off place especially for kids who don’t know where to begin. Some kids have been told by their homeroom teachers that it is forbidden territory. But I do try to explain that it can give you a place to start and to follow links. Also, be sure to use at least 3 sources for your information. This seems to help with my elementary students.

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