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Importance of Evaluating and Organizing Web Resources for Youth

“By its immediacy and breadth of information, the digital world lowers barriers to self-directed learning.” (http://digitalyouth.ischool.berkeley.edu/files/report/digitalyouth-TwoPageSummary.pdf)

Because youth are online to explore their issues, they need to know how to evaluate the legitimacy of information. Many youth look at peers as experts which could be true or false. They need to be able to evaluate the information they are finding.  With such an influx of information on the web, many individuals are overwhelmed by the sheer number of resources. Teaching youth how to organize the many resources will allow them to manage their on-line life with less anxiety.

Two books that are research based and have  more details about how this generation thinks is Don Tapscott’s “Growing Up Digital” and “Grown Up Digital”. He talks about the need of teaching these youth how to be digital citizenships when they are not always learning that while on-line socially. Being unafraid of using technology and being tech-savvy are two different things. We have a generation who needs lessons even though they are unafraid of technology. I didn’t like the Quest quote used at the beginning of my PBS TeacherLine Chapter: “These days, it’s not uncommon for children to be more tech-savvy than the adults in their lives. As a result, adults often find it difficult to understand or relate to what kids are doing online.”  Are these students tech-savvy?  Or are these students unafraid of technology?  Some may be tech-savvy but all are unafraid. Teacher need to realize the difference and use the students boldness with technology as a benefit while teaching them how to become digital citizens.

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