Global Project Coming to An End

This Spring I was in charge of A Week in the Life 12-1 with Betsye Sargent. We had 30 teachers and around 500 students. This was the second time for both of us to be working on the project, but the first time we were doing it together. We had a superstar leader group of Donna Roman, Tina Schmidt, Donna Esposito and Maureen Tumenas. We all brought lots of experience to the table and were all dedicated to making this a great project. Our main problem was that we did not have enough global classes in it.

So, what constitutes a global project? Can a global project be one class from another country? Global means “relating to the whole world”. I was teaching in Shanghai, China . For me, global means anyone outside of China. Each of our classrooms are very global, but these kids are less global and more third culture kids. Now I am back in the US. I want to introduce my new school Woodmen-Roberts Elementary School to the Flat Classroom Projects and other global projects.

Why are global projects important? Global projects can teach students the 21st Century Skills and the ISTE NETS for students. Teaching students digital citizenships without being involved in a collaboration project is very hypothetical.  When you are in a collaboration project it becomes much more real.

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