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“A Vision of Students Today”

What are your thoughts on Michael Wesch’s video “A Vision of Students Today“? What can you do to meet the needs of digital students?

“A Vision of Students Today” makes a a point of how changing the world is because of technology. Students want choice and they deserve it. My first year of teaching was teaching high school students a Freshman Technology Course. I had a freshman in my class who was teaching himself JAVA programming language and I was trying to introduce him to Web 2.0 Tools. For him, my class was an easy A and he was learning so much more during his free time on the computer. Because of this student and others I developed Independent Study courses so that the students can create and manage their own learning during their school time. Technology makes this easier since it makes differentiation easier. So I can have a class of independent students who are setting their own goals and making their own learning plan. Everyone wins in this situation.

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