Banned Book Week

September 30-October 5 is Banned Book Week.

What should we be explaining to elementary age students about banned books? It is important to explain to students why things get banned. I do believe that as parents we should ban certain things from our house based upon our beliefs. This is not a bad thing, but this needs to be understood. Is it ok to ban the word “stupid” from your house?  Yes, I think this is a smart thing to do. Should you ban books that you don’t agree with?  Is it ok for a parent to tell their kids they can not read Harry Potter. I think it is ok. When my kids were young, I really didn’t like “Curious George” Books. I did not ban them from my house, but I talked to my children about the lessons in the stories. I felt that George always misbehaved and the man in the yellow hat always fixed everything. I told my children that I don’t think that is a good story. That scenario will not always happen. Most times if you get in trouble, you will be in trouble.

But do I think a library should be banning books? I am not sure. I understand a lot of the reasons why, but the public library is for the public to determine what they want to read and we should give them as many choices as we can. What are your thoughts/

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