Mystery Skype 2

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Gray Scale SkypeWe have gotten very interested in Mystery Skype. The 5th grade teachers finds it very useful for the students with taking a big idea and making it smaller, and smaller. We have done another Skype with Theresa Allen in Joliet, Illinois. Her students and my students had so much fun guessing each other’s place that we planned a social Skype to learn more about each others’ schools. We have no scheduled a few more to try to perfect our model of how to divide up your time in a good way. We have added more runners so that the groups will stay seated and the runner brings and receives information. It is hard because we want to have the questions come in quickly, but the students don’t know their geography well, so it takes a while. Overall it has been a great experience for our 5th graders. As soon as we have the process set, I will be trying it with younger students.

How can you get involved?  You can contact me at toniobarton on SKYPE or go to one of these sites where you can sign up:

Happy Skyping!

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