Amazing Amy Brummit visits Woodmen-Roberts Elementary

February 8, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

On Monday, my friend and former 1st grader teacher skyped me to ask if my 5th graders could skype her right now. Amy is on a dredge of the Northern coast of Florida in the Atlantic Ocean. They are dredging the bottom of the ocean to allow ships to still come into our ports. Amy is on the ship to help any endangered species that might be in the way. Her job is to watch for Northern Right Wales, there are only 396 of them left. While we were talking with her, she saw a mother whale with a calf. She has to call this in to many of the nature organizations.  If they see the whale, they and all other boats in a 50 mile radius must slow down to 5 knots. Right Whales swim very slowly and are not good about staying out of the way.

Amy also watches for turtles being disturbed on the bottom of the ocean floor. If they disturb more than 3 turtles, they must stop the digging. Amy showed us around the bridge and looked out the window at the equipment on the dredge. She is assigned a boat for 3-6 weeks and lives on the water during that time.

The 5th graders listened to her explanation and then asked great questions to learn more about what happens. Some of the students will be doing a research/action project about endangered species and we hope to connect with Amy again. Below is a picture of a Humpback Whale that is following the dredge.

hump back whale from Brummit

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