Creating Innovators, Chapter 4

First of all, I would like to go to Tulane. What an innovative school?  This chapter reminded me to be a risk taker. Risk-taker is one of our learning profiles at our school. We ask our students to be risk-takers, but we are not always modeling that. We want to control so much, and I don’t think we have to. How can we better model risk-taking. One of my teaching philosophies is to not do more work than the students have to. If we do less and ask our students to do more that is a huge risk for us but we all end up learning a lot. Over and over the teacher mentors that are found in this book  do not fit the mold of the main stream teacher. “All of those teachers defied the conventions of their school or college in one way or another.” I hope that I can model risk-taking to my students.

I also don’t believe that all paths for our students will be the same. We have a fourth grader in our school who started his own website to sell the duct tape wallets that he makes. I look at him and think, WOW- risk-taker, but also…. what can I teach this student. I don’t think that student should drop out, but as teachers we need to see his talents and allow them to grow.

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