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Creating Innovators, Chapter 6, The Future of Innovation

“What parents do- what and how they teach their children, as well as what they value- matter greatly int he growth of young innovators.” We can only do so much but we need to help educate each other and parents that students need to be able to explore. Annmarie from Cisco has two rules for her own child “safety and character”. You need to allow them to be disobedient or else it will kill their creative impulses.  Tony Wagner states “you can’t separate innovation from disobedience.” So where do teachers fit in? I like to call some lessons “Creative Play” because students can have enough choice to not just be obedient and make their own choices.  I heard a colleague who believed that  we as teachers should not do more than the students. For students to own their learning, they must do a lot of the work. I totally agree and I think it goes along with the design philosophy. If we just feed them all the answers, will they retain the information?

As a librarian, I LOVED the quote “the discipline of reading develops the muscles of concentration.” I have changed my library to allow students to renew books, to allow students to have many books out at a time and to encourage the love of books. I believe we must do this to ensure that students read what and when they want to read. We can’t say find a book you can read in one week and think that will instill a love of learning. It won’t.  Thomas Friedman states “CQ [curiosity] plus PQ [passion] is greater than IQ.” So let’s foster curiosity and passion for our students by letting them explore.

Dv Seidman discusses that resilience also allows people to become innovators. It takes a lot of failure to get things right. “The most fundamental value is hope, because when you are not rooted in hope, you retreat into yourself, detach and disconnect from others. When you have hope, you see the world as a source of meaning; you see endless possibilities for a better future that allows you to collaborate with others to bring these futures about.”  As teachers, we need to give students to a chance to fail. Why do you think some kids like skateboarding? They spend hours on skateboarding and get hurt and aren’t able to do it right the first time, but they are passionate about it and will learn the new trick if they want to. The same is true for what we teach them in school. If we let them find their passion, they will work hard to learn everything about it. The best parenting advice: “First, trust in yourself as a a parent- your intuitions, judgements, and values. Then trust in your child- in his or her unique interestes and talents, in the hunger to learn and create, and in the innate drive to realize one’s full potential.”

I took a philosophy course called “Intro to Logic” my sophomore year of college. There was a quote in the beginning of the book that I will never forget. It was something like “Send him to a school where he can learn to think for himself. No, replied the elder, send him to a school where he can learn to think like other people.” Some people might think that is a conformist way of thinking but I think of it more like a person who can think like lots of other people. You can take lots of ideas and wrap them together.

I love the army analogy of “We know how to build tactical leaders, but how do we develop strategic leaders?”  Their answer was GREAT!!

  1. Convert most classroom experiences into collaborative problem-solving events led by facilitators (vs instructors) who engage learners to think and understand the relevance and context of what they learn.
  2. Tailor learning to the individual learner’s experience and competence level based on the results of a pre-test and/or assessment.
  3. Dramatically reduce or eliminate instructor-led slide presentation lectures and begin using a blended learning approach that incorporates virtual and constructive simulations, gaming technology, or other technology-delivered instruction

If the US government can do this with the army, why can’t we do this with schools? Today I heard Jane Goodall speak at Morgridge Family Foundations Share Fair and she said, “Have Hope”.

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