Introduction of “Made To Stick”

“Made to Stick” is by Chip and Dan Heath. My husband read this for an Master’s in Educational Leadership class through Condcordia University. After discussions on the topics in it, it was on my list to read. How do we make our ideas stick?

The Heath brothers believe that there are 6 rules for making ideas stick.

1. Simplicity

2. Unexpectedness

3.  Concreteness

4. Credibility

5. Emotions

6. Stories

After reviewing urban legends, advertisements, and fables, the authors believe that we can all learn to make ideas stick. The other problem with ideas is the “CURSE OF KNOWLEDGE”. The “curse” is when someone is trying to teach/tell you something when you don’t have all the information in front of you, but the teacher does. The teacher doesn’t realize all the back ground knowledge that they have that allows them to understand the lesson they are teaching. The teachers curse is they can’t forget that knowledge, but they still need to teach the lesson to people who don’t have that knowledge.  This reminds me of the quote in my college logic book: “Send to a place where he can think for himself.  Oh, no, send him to a place where he will learn to think like other people”. It is not good to be a innovative thinker if you can’t explain your ideas to the world. We must communicate. I am hoping this book allows me to communicate my ideas more effectively to my students and my colleagues.

So I embark on my next book to blog about.

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