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Career in Review

This year was a busy one. I became a Teacher Librarian in Colorado Springs. I have been a tech teacher for 18 years. I started teaching tech to lawyers in large firms in Chicago. I loved being able to help lawyers, paralegals, secretaries and other staff learn how to use their computers more effectively. I knew DOS and taught primarily Word Perfect, but we also had some neat software for document control called Soft Solutions. I learned so much and after moving to Colorado was a Corporate Trainer for New Horizons. There I learned how to train other trainers on how to teach well. I was a Microsoft Certified Professional and became a training manager. After my second child was born I decided to stay home for a while. I was happy to be the homemaker and also found ways to continue to train people on how to use their computers. I worked as a contract trainer for New Horizons, Voelker Research, District 14 and District 11 schools. After many trainings for District 14, I was hired as a paraprofessional tech at the elementary. I was to teach classes in the lab and answer all help tickets. I loved it! I loved helping the teachers do more with their computers. I loved helping kids begin to love technology. I loved working with my co-worker/paraprofessional librarian Mary Gressler. I learned so much from her and others. Then a job opened at the middle school. It would be more integration work and help tickets, but no classes. There I worked a lot with Lisette Casey who had just finished her Tech Masters and wanted to integrate completely in her Science class. Again, I learned so much.

When I heard the tech teacher at the high school was retiring, I decided getting my teacher certificate was the next step. I got accepted in a “Teacher in Residency” Program and was hired by Manitou. I taught a freshman level tech course, incorporating Flat Classroom Projects and programming into the curriculum. Lisette Casey and I also started promoting Independent Study courses for middle and high school students. I learned from other Flat Classroom teachers and from my students. My husband and I had the itch to do some international teaching so the next year we traveled to Shanghai, China and I was the tech coordinator at a lower school. Amazing colleagues, especially Ashley Holst who taught me so much. Learning together is an amazing adventure.

Upon coming back to Colorado, the tech jobs were far and few between, especially in elementary tech which I wanted to stay in. Then I saw some librarian positions opened, and I thought about ISTE Standards and 21st Century Skills were very similar for Tech and Librarian jobs, so I applied. I became the Teacher Librarian at Woodmen-Roberts and work with some amazing people. This next year I will add IB Coordinator to my title and look forward to learning more on the next year’s journey.

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