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“Made To Stick” Chapter 4 – Credible

There are three ways to make something credible, by using compelling details, using statistics or passing the Sinatra Test. The Sinatra Test is where “one example alone is enough to establish credibility in a given domain.” The story of ulcer research that the Heath Brothers open this chapter with is incredible. Two obscure researchers from Perth, Australia discovered that ulcers were caused by bacteria and no one believed them because Robin Warren was a staff pathologist and Barry Marshall was an internist in training. In order to prove his ideas, Barry swallowed H.plyori the bacteria found in the stomach when ulcers are present. A few days later he developed the classic symptoms of gastritis and was cured with antibiotics. Barry used compelling details to get the idea sold.

The clinic on page 48 uses statistics to sell the idea. The topic is shark attacks. Shark attacks are wide spread and greatly feared but did you know you are more likely to die from a deer running out in front of your car than from a shark attack. The last way is to pass the Sinatra Test. An example could be you catered at the White House. You just have to land a job where people will go WOW. You did that.

Talking to students about things, try to add credibility to the idea. Invite experts into your classroom. Keeping our ideas credible is not easy to do but some important for getting them to stick.

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