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“Made to Stick” Chapter 6, Stories

When things are told in a story, they seem to stick better. Stories give us details, they are “entertainment, not instruction”. The story of Jared was the perfect example. 425 lb man who decides to go on a “Subway diet” and loses hundreds of pounds. Who is ever going to forget Jared’s story. His story is the classic Challenge Plot – “a protagonist overcomes a formidable challenge and succeeds”. Besides the Challenge Plot, there is also the Connection Plot and the Creativity Plot. The connection plot has the classic example of the good Samaritan in their corner. Connection plots are about those connections or relationships. The Creativity Plot has the “MacGyver” plot. It “involves someone making a mental breakthrough, solving a long-standing puzzle or attacking a problem in an innovative way”.

The last two paragraphs really sum it up. “Stories can almost single-handedly defeat the Curse of Knowledge. In fact, they naturally embody most of the SUCCESSs framework. Stories are almost always Concrete. Most of them have Emotional and Unexpected elements. The hardest part of using stories effectively is making sur that they’re Simple – that they reflect your core message. . . Stories have the amazing dual power to simulate and inspire.”

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