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“Made to Stick”, Epilogue and Sticky Advice

Ideas do not have to be yours in order for you to benefit from them. Sometimes spotting the idea is just as good as having it yourself. For an idea to stick you must make sure not to “bury the lead” or “focus on the presentation rather than the message.” Other ways ideas don’t get sticky is the “decision paralysis” where there are too many choices in view and it makes it difficult to choose one. The “Curse of Knowledge” is also always in the way. The deliverer of the message has too much knowledge and therefore can not explain correctly to the listener who does not have the back knowledge of where the idea is coming from. The last thing might be “lack of a common language”. A good example is the Cranium Company who makes games uses CHIFF- “Clever, High-Quality, Innovative, Friendly, Fun”

The summarization is perfect:

For an idea to stick, for it to be useful and lasting, it’s got to make the audience:

  1. Pay Attention – use Unexpected
  2. Understand and remember it – be Concrete
  3. Agree/Believe – make it Credible
  4. Care- make it emotional
  5. Be able to act on it – use a story.

SUCCESs stands for, and Teacher tips more info at www.madetostick.com/teachers

  • Simple – find the core of your lesson
  • Unexpected- use knowledge gaps and power of mystery
  • Concrete- use sensory experiences to etch ideas into our brain
  • Credible- Science lab experiments operate on this principle – see for yourself
  • Emotional – make the learning hit the students in the gut or heart
  • Story- make students see things differently
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