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A Whole New Mind – read in 2010

In 2010, Manitou Springs School District held a Book Study for “A Whole New Mind” Here is my ending reflection:

When I read the book A Whole New Mind for the first time last summer, I was amazed at how many of these ideas were ideas that I wanted to accomplish in my classroom. I tried to think of each of the 6th senses that Daniel Pink explains and how I could incorporate in the class and my Essential Learnings. Some of the senses were much easier than others to bring into my class.
The first sense is Design. I think Design is the easiest to incorporate. After reading Daniel Pink’s chapter on it, Design is everywhere. We don’t even notice it anymore. I first introduce Design by talk about the abundance of products we have at our supermarkets. Daniel Pink uses the toliet brush and the students love that example.
For Design, I try to add a lot of creativity in my lesson plans. We do a large section of class on Google Sketchup which is a 3D drawing program. The students learn to manipulate the program through a series of tutorials. They also have creative time in the program to create anything they would like to design. During the class, we also talk about the design of websites, brochures, resumes, advertisements, and other publications. A new Web 2.0 tool that they learn about is Glogster, which allows them to create a digital poster with photos, videos, and text.
The second sense is Story. Digital Storytelling is a large part of the Technology class. I make sure the students have skills in PowerPoint. We also create a PhotoStory project with the students taking their own photographs. We learn the Web 2.0 tool called Animoto which is a slide show similar to PowerPoint but looks much more flashy and professional.
Symphony is the third sense. – follow the links p152 real brainstorming p 156 NEED THIS ONE!!!!!!!
The fourth sense is empathy. Even though empathy is more for a psychology course, I ask the students to do two online quizzes on their empathy intelligence that is talked about in the book. They then have to think about one emotion and create an Animoto slide show displaying that emotion without giving it away. The other students and myself need to guess what emotion they are displaying. This is a fun way to make them think about emotions and have fun with the Animoto tool.
Play is the fifth sense that Daniel Pink discusses. It is a hard one for some teachers to let students do. I try to create constructive play time, where they have time to explore and play at a software or website but they still need to be doing something. A good example is that when we create Cartoons are another Web 2.0 Tool that we explore to give them a new way of creating a story.
The last sense is meaning. For students this is a hard one. Many students do not like school because they see little meaning in it. For my class, I try to allow a lot of choice in topics they are creating with the tools they need to learn so that they have more of an interest in the project.

6. Meaning- write a detailed gratitude letter, labyrinths

The book A Whole New Mind is a great book for any business owner, parent, or teacher to read.

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