Innovative Education Grants – 2014 #InnEdCo (formerly TIE) @InnEdCO

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The Innovative Education Grants program is funded through an InnEdCO endowment. Pardon the first mailing from my work account. Please forward this message onto interested teachers without this statement.

Please share this information with interested teachers.

Thanks, Mike Herr, Dan More and Karen Ortiz, Innovative Education Grant Committee


 2014 Innovative Education Grants PROGRAM Announcement

$730 Stipends to Attend the 2014 InnEdCO (formerly TIE Colorado) Conference

The Innovative Education Grants Program will provide up to 14 Colorado teachers need-based stipends to attend the InnEdCo Conference, June 17-19, 2014. The stipends will cover conference registration and provide $400 towards accommodations and other expenses. Qualified educators must be certified teachers. Administrators need not apply. They must demonstrate: financial need or other hardship, have a focus for their learning that will impact their classroom and/or school, and be willing to share their learning with others in their organization. Administrator support is also required.

The application deadline is midnight Dec 1. Awards will be announced Feb 19, 2014.

2014 Innovative Education Stipend Program:

The Innovative Education Grants Program has fourteen $730 stipends to offset registration and $400 towards lodging, travel, additional meals and/or incidental expenses for the June 2014 InnEdCO Conference. After paying $330 for registration and completion of the conference, recipients will receive a check for $400, to cover some of their additional costs. Any prepayment of expenses and amounts greater than $400 must be covered by the recipient.

Innovative Educator Stipend Goals:

  1. Support conference attendance for 14 teachers. Administrators need not apply. Recipients must attend the entire conference. Preference will be given to those who demonstrate well written applications that include compelling personal learning goals, a desire to share their learning with their colleagues,  and financial need.
  2. Increase the educational technological capacity in schools as documented by the recipient’s school administrator.
  3. The Innovative Educator Grant committee will evaluate the success of the Stipend Program by the recipient’s responses to the post stipend survey; publicity within the school, district and/or community and by sharing stipend products on school, district or other online repositories, or digital media.

Applications are accepted online and must be completed in one sitting. This is a professional application – high quality content and writing skills are important. Be concise, yet thorough in your responses. You are advised to download the 2014InnEdGrants App and prepare your answers in advance of submitting them online. The online application is available by clicking here.

Please feel free to contact any of the Innovative Educators Grant Committee members if you have any questions.


Mike Herr,

Dan More,

Karen Ortiz,

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