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The Big Disconnect #edtech #edchat #pypchat

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I have had to return “The Big Disconnect” by Catherine Steiner-Adair to the library, but this is one I might need to get from my shelf.  Written by a clinical psychologist about how family relationships are affected in our digital age, Catherine uses antidotes from her many years of practice. She starts with infants and hits all stages in development. At the end she also gives sound advice on how to stop the decline of relationships, empathy and patience.

During the infant stage, I was astounded at how children are affected by the parent use of technology. By using technology around our children, we tend to be less present and patient. I have observed my family and know this to be true. How can we gracefully use technology when needed?  Because technology is ubiquitous, we are now expected to be “connected” more than from 9 to 5. Or do we just feel like we are more “connected” when using technology.

As infants start to play with toys, Catherine also uses the example of “high-tech” toys hurting our children. Most older adults always played with blocks, but now Magna-Tiles are the most popular building blocks.  Magna-Tiles are easy to use and don’t fall down easily. Infants and toddlers are not experiencing the same trial and error with building as they used to. They grow up with instant gratification. This changes the way they build their patience. Study shows that children solving a problem will now give up sooner than they did 20 years ago.

As a teacher, the whole digital citizenship aspect of technology is so important. Most parents are not trained in how to help their children learn to be good digital citizens. This is all of our responsibility. We must all work together to make sure that children grow up knowing what is appropriate to do online are the same things that would be appropriate to do in person. They also must know what is cyber-bullying and why it is wrong.

Being a parent that your children can approach with these topics is essential. Make sure you keep the doors of communication open. Make sure your children know when to text and when to call. If you have time, read this book!!!!

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