Keynote and Sessions in #DCSDWCE

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On February 8th, I got to present the Keynote (about Global Collaboration), a session on Mystery Skype and a session on Getting Started on Global Projects. Even though I presented I also learned a lot. I learned that I have an amazing group of educators from around the world that help me each step of the way. So Thank you to all who collaborate with me, but especially my monthly PLN of Donna Roman (IL, USA), Lisa Parisi (NY, USA), Maire O’Keefee (Ireland), Matt McGuire (Canada), Robyn Thiessen (Canada), and Emily Roth (Indonesia) who made it to the skype session. Betsye Sargent (MA, USA), Barbara McFall (MA, USA), and Nancy VonWahlde (Singapore) who always support and are there when needed. I also had help today from Steve Sherman (Living Maths from South Africa) who was our Mystery Skype guest and Julie Lindsay (Australia) who helped promote Flat Connections. Thank you to all of them.

I did my first Pechu Kucha speech as the Keynote. The concept is 20 slides, each slide for 20 seconds, you can’t stop. It is really high energy and you end up talking really fast. It was a great way to start the day and ignite the passion for learning. I then asked the connected educators to come and talk about their stories. I think we piqued an interest. Teachers/Staff were ready to learn more.

I was not presenting during the first session so I was able to attend a MakerSpace session by MaryLisa Harper. It was awe inspiring Wendy Geitz created a fun video of all the makerspaces in Douglas County and I love the quote she started with. I searched for it on-line and found it at  from

“American Maker” is a 1961 movie trailer sponsored by Chevrolet and shown to drive-in movie goers before the feature film.  The narrator begins: “Of all things Americans are…..we are makers. With our strengths and our minds and spirit, we gather, we form and we fashion…..makers and shapers and put-it-togetherers.”   Equal parts innovation and inspiration, this trailer is a nostalgic gem. It captures a moment in time when the indomitable spirit of American ingenuity was at a fever pitch. Here’s a salute to makers past and present!

MaryLisa talked about how she started by going to  Raft Colorado  which is an organization where you can go to get cheap supplies for makerspaces. Lego Education is also a big part of her 2nd grade classroom. A fellow teacher in the class also reminded me of Remind101 which students and teachers can use to get alerts on cell phones.

We then had lunch and a Speed Geek. Then it was on to my first session of Mystery Skype which was very full but very effective. Lastly was my Getting Started on Global Projects session. I know others there learned from me, but I learned from all of them. I am very glad I had the opportunity to share my passion for Global Projects.

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