Ideal School

From the perspective of your ideal school, what would be your philosophy statement, goals, objectives, and products?

Philosophy Statement: The philosophy of the Primary Years Programme is to make the students into “inquirers, thinkers, communicators, risk takers, knowledgeable, principled, caring, open-minded, well-balanced, and reflective.” (


  1. Students will learn through authentic learning opportunities.
  2. Students will embrace humor, curiosity, and compassion as they learn.
  3. Students will be critical thinkers and problem solvers.
  4. Students will be effective communicators and collaborators.


  • Students will learn through authentic learning opportunities.

a)    All students will find a way to act on their unit of inquiry.
b)    All  5th graders will participate in the Exhibition where they will choose a topic to research and act on.
c)     As a school, all students will assist in school-wide fundraising activities for our community.

  • Students will be critical thinkers and problem solvers.

a)    All students will be able to inquire into their unit of inquiry.
b)    All students will be able to design their own learning within their units of inquiry.

  • Students will be able to effectively communicate and collaborate.

a)    All  students will be able to work in small groups on designed based learning projects related to their units of inquiry.
b)    All of students will reflect on each of their units of inquiry.

Products:  Our curriculum guide consists of our Units of Inquiry. We have six unit of inquiry per  grade level. The school uses of a Programme of Inquiry to make sure that all six of the International Baccalaureate Transdisciplinary Themes descriptors and eight key concepts are covered across all grade levels.


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