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Chapter 9 Organizing and Implementing the Curriculum

Random notes from my Master’s Class:


The Graded School originated in Prussia and came to Boston in 1848 where children are grouped in age level classrooms. They need to teach all topics to that classroom. This is how most schools in the United States and the World are now organized.

Self-contained, subject-oriented classroom is the majority of junior and senior high schools in the United States.

The Activity Curriculum is based on the Laboratory School founded by John Dewey and translates progressive beliefs into the curriculum through project-based learning.

Nongraded Elementary school is where you have disregarded grade-level designations and grouped students by their particular needs and skills. These schools hope to eliminate failures by allowing students to graduate through classes at their own rate.

Open Education/Open Space – take down walls to permit innovative approaches such as flexible grouping.

Junior High school was created to provide special attention to the needs of youngsters between childhood and adolescence.

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