#ISTE2014 Reflection with #flatconnection #globalclassroom

It has been four years since I went to ISTE and the excitement was overwhelming knowing that I would be able to reconnect and meet for the first time colleagues from around the world. The morning started at 2:15 am so that I could meet my district co-workers at 3:30 to drive to our 6:15 flight from Denver We were all innovative teachers, some of us had been to ISTE and some of us connected with Twitter. We discussed the ISTE networking game as we made our route from Colorado Springs to Atlanta.

After we landed, I was so anxious to make it to he Global Education Day that ran to my room then to the bus shuttle to get to the conference as soon as possible. At the bus stop I ran into none other than Anne Mirtschin from Australia. She was in a rush to get into the Global Education Day. We hurried to Presenter registration to grab our name tags, then off to find the session. We were rushing there as Anne was presenting during a break out session, only to find that the doors had been closed because room capacity was fulfilled. We found Theresa Allen at the door also arguing to enter the session to present. Theresa was on Twitter trying to contact someone in he session who might be able to come out and get us. Out walks Lisa Parisi to save the day and explain to the room security that there was room for us. Inside a table full of familiar faces and new friends awaited to share their chairs including Louise Morgan, Donna Roman, Robyn Theissin, Preston Morgan, Karen Stadler and many others. There were lots of hugs while meeting all my closest colleagues. Lucy Gray and Steve Hargadorn explaining the organization of the ignite speeches and the round table discussions. Listening to Lisa Parisi, David Karnoscak and Louise Morgan give Ignite speeches made me realize how lucky I am to work with these amazing educators. During the round tables, I attended Anne Mirtschin who discussed the aspects of global awareness and
Christen Clougherty about a social action organization called  www.nobisproject.org . The session was empowering and the perfect way to start the conference. The keynote was going to be starting soon so Lisa and I dashed to the Bloggers Cafe to find seats to view Ashley Judd’s opening keynote. We met David there with others and realized Judd’s speech was not something we needed to hear so at the moment of silence for prayer we left to go to the Class Dojo party at the Hudson Grill. My district co-workers were meeting at Pitty Pats for dinner and I ended my first night there talking about everyone’s day. website to set up geoguesser locations for ss.

On Sunday we started early, I viewed many Poster sessions, including Flipping the Library, Kentucky Student Technology Leadership Program (KSTL), Let’s make a change, and many others (some resources below). I did run through a small portion of the expo center and then took a break in the Blogger’s Cafe to meet with the presenters for Skype in the classroom. We presented at 2:30 and had some great responses from our attendees. I then went to Flipped Classroom which was a waste of time. The last was Flat Collaborators with Julie Lindsay. I was able to discuss different projects to Paula Naugle and Tina Schmidt many other global collaborators. Then a great dinner with many Flat Connections teachers including Eva Brown, Amy Jambor, Sheri Williams, Brian McLaughlin, Donna Esposito, Tina Schmidt, and Sue Ann Miller.

Monday’s Awesome Keynote was Kevin Carroll  entitled the “Importance of PLAY!” He discussed everything he learned about life he learned on the playground. Simple, powerful words one can say to another and change a life: “Want to play with us?” I have reserved his book “Rules of the Rubber Ball”.  At the School 2.0 session with Lucy Gray and Steve Hargadon we discussed how we use words of empowerment but actions of control in education, but that is changing. It was more of a philosophical discussion, but one that more teachers and administrators must discuss. “Creating Innovators” was my next presentation with my District 20 colleagues. We had a full house and many things to share. Feedback was good and I was glad it was over. The EdTekTalks were directly after with Dale Dougherty from Make Magazine and the Maker Faire starting off with some powerful ideas about play and making. Maker space is a physical space with tools, resources and MENTORS. Check out this 13 year inventor .  Shaherose Charania of Woman 2.0 was next, and then Phil Hansen who talked about embracing the shakes.  Phil ended with reminding us  to ask students “what if” . As you grow “what if” becomes “what is” this is how we lose creativity. I ended the day with dinner with Theresa Allen, Anne Mirtschin, with new friends Claire and Heidi. After dinner was the Karoke Party with many friends!

On Tuesday  the “Visual Literacy: The silver bullet for Common Core at ISTE 2014” session began with fotoshop on YouTube that showed what a skewed society of visuals we live ing.  Great activity for students or teachers demonstrated using a series of photos to have groups tell a story by ping ponging the slides between students. We then met with the global classroom teachers in the blogger’s cafe to exchange ideas and think of better ways to communicate. This is an amazing group of educators that are so passionate about what we do. It is inspiring to work with them. I was going to grab a quick lunch but all these incredible educators were headed to lunch, so I went with and met more and more educators who I can connect with. I caught the end of Steve Dembo’s session on the television where he stated “I don’t give assignments I give briefs of subjects and ask Ss to prove what they know” Then the last session with Karen Lirenman and Michelle Cordy did a fun-filled session on Visible Thinking.

Resources gathered:

Save Our Rhinos

Global Education Day at ISTE2014

Global Collaborators Network

Our story-building Capacity

Global Virtual Classroom

The Project Buffet 

VoiceThread Education

30Hands an app for elementary students

Computer Science at ISTE

Flipped Classroom for Elementary

Wow!  I am exhausted!! But I can’t wait for school to start.

  1. murcha
    July 6, 2014 at 4:42 pm

    Hi Toni, I still think it was amazing to meet up with many of our close online contacts and to bump into you right at the start, really made my day. We certainly had some adventures, fun times and lots of learning to do. The link to the Bridging the Cultural Differences is https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YW2TYIIhH_FQnwt6dJBRlIkXyTHJc44JTkrePrz0n-o/edit I am adding to it as I find things out and hope you and others will too. Crowd sourcing is a powerful team. Thanks for a great time at ISTE

    • July 6, 2014 at 9:26 pm

      Thanks for adding the resource, Anne.

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