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Educational Policy in Colorado #coloradoeducation

In Unit 4 we examined the role of the federal government vs the state in educational policy.  For the most part, you stated that you tend to favor minimal federal involvement and more of a state-run prospect.  In light of that and of the readings in this unit, how do you feel about interest groups from outside Colorado being so involved in our educational policy making? Here is a biggie:  why do you think Colorado is such a magnet right now for reform?

The use of  outside interest groups by itself is not a negative issue. But, the outside influence for SB 191 seemed to all be in favor of SB 191 and the opposition never brought in any outside “experts” to plead their case. SB 191 seems like a perfect political checkmate by the supporters. The opposition appeared disorganized. In politics of any topic, there will be the lobbyist giving their opinions of the situation. The real issue in politics becomes the under-representation of teachers or even the residents in the political process. Since unions are not strong in Colorado teachers are not heavily represented.

Colorado is a magnet for reform with the split of Democrats and Republicans. In Colorado Springs, including a few military stations, we are very transitional with our families and students. I always ask adults “who is a native of Colorado?” because there are far and few between in Colorado Springs. I think that is true of most of the state. Because we are a state that is growing in population, we are also transitional with our politics.

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