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“Start. Punch Fear in the Face. Escape Average. Do Work that Matters.” by @jonacuff

Just finished this great book that talks about not staying Average but becoming AWESOME! Jon Acuff does a great job relaying story after story of how to accomplish the 5 stages of getting to AWESOME.

  1. Learning – Try everything and just explore
  2. Editing – refine skills of what you are good at and enjoy doing
  3. Mastering – hone the skills that are AWESOME
  4. Harvesting – feeling the wealth or your hard work, but you keep working. If you ask a farmer about harvesting, it is not the relaxing time, keep going.
  5. Guiding – finding colleagues to challenge, celebrate and motivate.

Below are some nuggets of truth I took from the book.  In order to be awesome quicker

  1. Start earlier – The 10,000 hour rule is hard, but start as early as you find your passion
  2. Stand on the shoulders of giants – learn from other people around you
  3. Work harder and smarter
  4. Harvest someone else’s fields – use the opportunities around you.

Document the voices. Write them down or tell someone else. Don’t listen to the internal or external voices that say “Who are you to do that?” , “You’re too late” or “It has to be perfect”

Jon Acuff’s motto is to use all your time to SWORD – Serve, Worship, Order, Rest, Dance. Everything you do should fit under the things you find important.

5 steps to getting it all done:

  1. Admit you can’t get it all done
  2. Give yourself the grace to accept number one as a reality
  3. Do the things you can do
  4. Celebrate what happens in number 3
  5. Repeat these steps

Ask your self these questions “What is your regret if you die today?” “What can I not stop doing?” “What gives me the most joy?” And remember that Awesome is different for everyone. Get experience by either volunteering, taking a part time job or be led by someone to learn to be a master.

Constructive criticism can lead to improvement but always ask “Who said it?” and “Why did they say it?” There are two types of people, “How” and “WOW!” Let the WOW person have their say first – for two weeks, then ask them how? Don’t chase accomplishments, instead chase AWESOME. Every story has Innocence, Innocence Lost, Coping with Loss, Resolution – then starts a new story.

Many of the things in the book, you might already know, but it was a good reminder on how to be AWESOME.  Thanks @jonacuff!

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