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Affirmative Action in Schools

From Kindergarten through 12th grade, I attended public schools then I went to an all-girls Catholic liberal arts college (not many of those left). I thrived in the same-sex environment. As a philosophy major, we questioned everything. The teacher talked about the fact that in an ideal society same-sex schools would not be needed. But in a society where boys and girls alike are afraid or embarrassed to participate when the opposite sex is around, can same sex education still be a benefit? Affirmative action in many ways is to help us get to the ideal society that is just and fair. In the ACLU “Who Supports Affirmative Action?” pdf, Martin Luther King, Jr is quoted with the same belief of using affirmative action now so that at some point we no longer need affirmative action. I truly believe that students should see themselves reflected in their community. Right now, we need affirmative action to make that a reality. In Ferguson, Missouri, the police force consists of a majority of white officers, yet their community is primarily non-white (http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2014/08/14/where-minority-communities-still-have-overwhelmingly-white-police/). Don’t our students need those teachers as role models who are diverse?

In my school, I organize many global projects with my students. One comment that has become consistent is the minority students identifying with the diverse population that are at the other schools we communicate with. Diversity and perspective helps our students learn to be open-minded.

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