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Reflection on Impact of Generation Y

The discussion about Generation Y teachers and administrators really interested me because the ideas presented here are similar to Don Tapscott’s book “Growing Up Digitally”. Mr. Tapscott did extensive research as to what he calls the “Net Generation” are looking for. The common qualities of this generation are freedom, customization, scrutiny, integrity, collaboration, entertainment, speed and innovation.  In our text, Ronald Rebore discusses that one of the most important characteristics is “the desire to trust in authority”.  Don Tapscott discusses this phenomenon when he discusses integrity. This generation would rather work for a company or boss who is honest. They are sympathetic with honest mistakes, but will not tolerate harmful practices or deception.  The Generation Y are not only interested in company practices, they are more concerned about the environment than other generations.

In the text, Ronald Rebore also discusses the value this generation places on education. I agree with this and I think Don Tapscott would also, although his research showed that education is one of the social institutes that the net generation will influence. With the influx of technology into their lives, this generation wants to learn how to learn. They can find most facts anywhere on the Internet. They want to know how to decipher what facts are true or false. We are in an information-based economy and students must now how to analyze and connect it to their own lives. In “Creating Innovators” by Tony Wagner, Wagner discusses how students are learning outside of schools because of the restrictions that education puts on our students. Although I agree with Rebore that they value education, I am not sure the type of education that they value is currently part of the school day. Learning occurs when these students go online to find a YouTube video in order to learn how to make a meal or see a skateboard trick.  It is not learning about the 13 original colonies.

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