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“Transforming Brockton High School” #bookstudy #edchat

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In the book “Transforming Brockton High School”, the school a Restructuring Committee to make changes in the school. The district spends money to organize and commits to the process.  In my book study through my district, we were asked:  “What processes exist in our buildings and in our district that could be leveraged for similar kinds of transformational conversations?  Could PLC’s, staff meetings, committees, etc. be used for conversations around improving instructional practice?  How could existing structures be use for this kind of work? Are these groups already working in this way?  If so, how are groups being used in a way that works to transform educational practice, on the whole, in our buildings?”

I answered:

I am participating in my second Grant Opportunity. The first one was based on the book “Creating Innovators” and the second one is “Making Learning Personal”.  We do not have enough of these opportunities, but these are great.  The grant pays for subs and allows us to visit other classrooms and schools. It gives us structured days to brainstorm and learn about different models of curriculum. By giving these things, or stipends, I think districts show the importance of the work. The problem is that a small amount of teachers are including in these great opportunities.

I also think the IB PYP schools are trying to show that many things we are already doing are amazing.  We are using a 1/2 day in February to gather all teachers at DCC and allow teams to work with similar teams from the other schools. Last year, we just focused on Best Practices, this year we are focusing on Inquiry.  Not only is the day a success for the teachers, it builds community and relationships to those who may be the “singleton” in their building.  As a school librarian, this is important because I am a team of one.

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